As an experienced oil to gas conversion contractor, we offer a complete “one stop” solution for residential and commercial customers who decide to convert to natural gas. 

If your existing equipment allows for changing only the oil burner with a gas burner, your conversion project could be completed at a minimum expense.  

We provide complete service, ranging from:

  • Site evaluation
  • Analysis of various available options
  • Assistance with all paperwork, permits and approvals
  • Installing the new gas fired equipment
  • Upon completion we will fully test your new gas heating equipment to insure optimum efficiency and safe operation

With our broad range of heating products and full installation services, we can be your heating and conversion contractor of choice for any of the following:

  • Oil to gas heat conversion equipment and installation
  • Oil to gas furnace conversions
  • Oil to gas boiler conversions
  • Oil to gas conversion burner installation
  • High efficiency Energy Star® rated furnaces
  • High efficiency Energy Star® rated boilers
  • Multi zone systems

Our Process

With us the oil to gas conversion process is straightforward and fast. We start with a review of your current equipment. We will then analyze the present and future energy requirements, the gas load, and your gas equipment preferences. Then, we continue with your energy efficiency goals, cost savings estimator, investment amortization time, your budget, oil tank removal options, chimney analysis, venting options, and more.  

The Advantages of Switching to Natural Gas

  • Eliminates Underground Storage Tank: Eliminating the threat of oil spills, soil contamination, and costly environmental clean-up.
  • Less Worry of Spills or Corrosion: If the oil tank is above ground, switching to natural gas eliminates worry about spills or corrosion of the tank. There is also no unsightly storage tank to clutter the appearance of the property.
  • Clean Burning Fuel: Because the combustion process for natural gas is almost perfect, very few byproducts are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants. 
  • Domestic Product: Natural gas is a US product and using it is an investment in our economy. There is also an abundant supply of domestic natural gas and, unlike oil, foreign events do not affect its availability.
  • Reliable: In contrast, oil must be trucked to the customer’s location, and truck deliveries are susceptible to weather conditions and other events.
  • Economical and Efficient: Natural gas is economical and efficient so you can save over oil heat.
  • Safe: Natural gas has an enviable safety record.


Our service technicians are ready to respond to your service call 24/7, no matter your location. Our friendly technicians regularly attend training programs, upgrade their skills, and learn about new products in order to provide you with the highest quality workmanship.


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