One of the best ways to improve your home’s overall indoor air quality is by investing in a good quality whole-home air quality unit. 

Unlike portable air purifiers which are designed for single-room use, whole-house air filtration systems connect to your existing HVAC system to provide protection against air pollutants 24/7.

It is a scientifically established fact that indoor pollutants can be 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants and that most homes naturally generate about 40 pounds of dust per year for every 1,500 square feet of space. As a result allergy and asthma cases have grown exponentially, causing significant health care cost increases. Children are even more at risk than the adults. They inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults, so they are especially sensitive to air quality problems. Recent medical data indicate that 54% of single-family homes with children have someone with a respiratory ailment.

Fortunately the new advanced air filtration systems can provide high quality whole house air filtration for a very affordable price. Air filtration products are available for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. In the interest of combining air comfort with air purity, we install whole-house air filtration and commercial air filtration systems that can remove up to 99.98 percent of particles and allergens from the air you breathe. Many such air filtration systems are built as an integral part of the HVAC systems we install.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are even more powerful in providing clean, healthy air. They are critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms and, therefore, infection.  More specifically, medical-use HEPA filtration systems also incorporate high-energy ultra-violet light units to kill off the live bacteria and viruses trapped by the filter media. Some of the best-rated HEPA units have an efficiency rating of 99.995%, which assures a very high level of protection against airborne disease transmission.

Whole-Home Air Purification System Installations

Whole-home air purification systems connect to your existing HVAC system to provide continuous air filtration for your entire home. Our technicians are ready to answer any of your questions and will help you determine which type of IAQ unit is right for your needs.  

Indoor Air Quality Units Help Remove the Following from the Air:

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • Germs
  • Stale air
  • Pollutants
  • Viruses
  • Mold
  • Odors
  • And more

Quality Repairs and Maintenance

If you are in need of a repair or maintenance for your existing unit, give our licensed technicians a call for fast and affordable services.  

Aprilaire Healthy Air System™


Our service technicians are ready to respond to your service call 24/7, no matter your location. Our friendly technicians regularly attend training programs, upgrade their skills, and learn about new products in order to provide you with the highest quality workmanship.


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